Homeless mothers approximately have annual incomes of less than $7000 in the US. Not only that, 40% percent of families headed by a single mother in the United States live in between the poverty line. We are a non-profit organization started by a team of juniors at Gunderson High School. Four high school students, one big goal : to help single mothers whom have carried with them the tales of bravery and kindness.

Together, we aim to provide necessities for women and small children living in local shelters within the Silicon Valley, but we can’t do it without your help! A simple $10 cash donation will provide a mother and her child with a crate of full essential care items. 100% of proceeds will go directly to women and children shelters.

At the moment, we politely ask that all monetary donations be sent in cash in an envelope with your full name to Ms. Dyal's Room D-15 as we are currently working on other payment methods. We also except unused donations such as clothing items, non-perishable foods, feminine products, and toys that follow our terms and rules on our webpage at

And if you want to be even more involved, spread the word! Be a part of this cause by telling your friends, your family, peers, and connections that you may have so they know about what Kindness Krate does. Make a difference from your phones simply by following us on Instagram @kindnesskrate so you are updated on our progress. For any other inquiries and advice, please contact us through our website, where there should be all of our contact information.

Once again, we want to emphasize that Kindness Krates is more than a project. It is a cause that is led by a community, it is led by a multitude of hearts and souls that simply care for others within that community. Every story here begins with a single kind act and a crate full of hope.