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Kelli Knapp

is in her first year as Principal of Gunderson High School and her third year as an admin at Gunderson High School. She began her teaching career at Steinbeck Middle School, and then moved to John Muir, where she spent eight years. Kelli has spent most of her time teaching 8th grade Language Arts and Writing, while focusing on SDAIE and ELD students. She was also the English Language Program Coordinator, English Language Development Coach, and Language Arts coach for John Muir, where she focused her work on ELD students and improving teaching practices in the classroom. Before becoming an administrator, Kelli was the English Coach for Gunderson High School, where she first became part of the Grizzly family. Learn more >>

Principal / 12th Grade Advisor

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Ness Hayden

is a first year Assistant Principal at Gunderson High School. She taught science for nine years and won a 2nd place teacher award from the Synopsys Science Fair in 2013. Prior to joining Gunderson’s Grizzlies, Hayden was a discipline advisor and summer school principal at Oak Grove High School of East Side Union High School District. Prior to that, she was the science department head, programs department head, administrative designee, science fair coordinator, PBIS data analyst, district strategic planning committee member for Culture of Excellence, and union representative of Don Callejon School in Santa Clara Unified School District. Hayden possesses a B.A. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and a M.S. in School Leadership from National University. Hayden firmly believes the purpose of education is to help kids. When she isn't helping kids at school, Hayden enjoys spending time with her own two sons, gardening, camping, and baking.

AP Guidanace / 11th Grade Advisor

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James Wrede

is the newest member of the administrative team. Mr. Wrede serves as the Assistant Principal of Guidance (IMA) and primary responsibilities include: coordinating testing and 504 plans, college and career planning, and as 9th grade advisor. Mr. Wrede comes to Gunderson High School with a diverse background in education having taught science, physical education and health at the high school level as well as English, social studies, physical education and leadership at the middle school level. Mr. Wrede has also served as an athletic director, grade level lead, PBIS coordinator and instructional coach. Mr. Wrede possesses a B.S in Kinesiology from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo, M.S in Kinesiology from CSU – East Bay as well as a M.Ed. from Bethany University. More recently he has earned an Administrative Credential through National University. Mr. Wrede believes strongly that all students can learn and enjoys the opportunity to contribute to maintaining a positive climate at Gunderson high through his interactions with all members of the school’s community. In his free time, Mr. Wrede enjoys being active outdoors with his wife and three young children.

AP Curriculum / 10th Grade Advisor

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Mark Camilleri

is a first year Assistant Principal at Gunderson High school. Mark worked in Ravenswood City School District for the past 7 years. For the first five years he was a teacher and coach. For the last two years, he worked as the Vice Principal and interim Principal. He has worked with PBIS for over 7 years and is excited to work at the first high school in San Jose Unified School District to implement it. Mark was a former student in the district and is happy to return back to help students be successful.

AP Discipline / 9th Grade Advisor

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