Video Production

GHS Video Production

Beginning Video Production In this class students focus on the basics of video production. Using video cameras and professional video editing software, they learn about the art and media of video production through projects and class discussions. Video projects include: Public Service Announcement or Commercial, News Story, Music Video, Movie Trailer and a Short Film.

Advanced Video Production In this class students build on the foundation of what they learned in the beginning video production class and push the limits of what can be created in a school setting. In the advanced video projects more attention is paid to aesthetics and details of real-world, professional video production. Most projects will be group projects, wherein the students will learn social skills, teamwork, responsibility and reliability.

Gunderson Live In this class students will work as a team every day to produce Gunderson High School's very own live news broadcast, Gunderson Live. Students will work with video cameras, editing applications, and professional broadcast equipment in the on-campus television studio to produce and air two shows a week. All students will create content for the shows. Required projects include a school-related video, a background, an intro and an outro to be used in the broadcast. View Broadcasts >>

All video courses are taught by Ben Herlth. To contact Mr. Herlth, email him at