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Gunderson High School, founded in 1976, is a comprehensive high school with a very diverse and inclusive student population.  Gunderson High has a strong academic program with Honors, Accelerated and Advanced Placement classes and electives such as Draw/Paint, Sculpture, Digital Photography, Media Arts and Production, Drama, Beginning/Performance Band, Yearbook, Leadership, and Film Studies.  Students in the Media Arts and Production elective produce the Gunderson Live program where they broadcast school events in real time to the school through a YouTube channel.  Gunderson is also a nationally recognized PBIS (Positive and Behavioral Interventions and Supports) school and received the California PBIS Silver Implementation Award in 2019.  We have a strong athletics program which offers a variety of sports that appeal to our students.  The school is focused on meeting the academic, behavioral and social-emotional needs of ALL students, including students who are English learners or receive special education services.